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A CLINICAL psychologist from Bondi is helping parents combat unhealthy body image in their children.

Picture: JOHN APPLEYARD Ariana Elias is raising body confidence.Ariana Elias and her colleague Dr Louise George are bringing their Raising Body Confident Kids workshop to Double Bay next week.

It is based on clinical research that found most children have tried to control their weight by the time they are 11. Ms Elias said the workshop was designed to educate parents to help children develop a healthy body image.

“It’s a prevention tool,’’ she said. “If we can help parents understand ahead of time what’s coming, there’s a really good chance children can grow up without body dissatisfaction.”

The workshop will address what Ms Elias described as the “five golden tools”. The first looks at understanding mainstream and social media’s influence in the development of body image.

Ms Elias said the workshop would also enable parents to help their children develop an identity that was more wide-reaching than physical appearance.

“We’re teaching parents the risks of dieting in children and helping them understand that body weight is largely genetically predetermined,’’ she said. “The more parents interfere in their child’s body, the more risk children are of developing body dissatisfaction.”