Children who suffer from body image issues are more likely to experience difficulties psychologically, emotionally, socially, academically, and with unhealthy weight control behaviours and eating disorders.

The Raising Body-Confident Kids parent program was developed by experienced clinical psychologists specialising in body image and eating disorders to provide parents with critical skills, tips and tools to help protect children from the dangers of body dissatisfaction and help them develop a healthy body image.

Parent workshops should be considered by parents of ALL primary school aged children. Modified workshops are also available for parents of high school children.

We would LOVE to come to your school and present Module 1 for FREE. To book a free session for your school call Ariana Elias on 0402 001011 or email

The parent program consists of eight 1-hour modules

  • Module 1: Creating a positive Body Image home environment
  • Module 2: Identity
  • Module 3: Media literacy 1
  • Module 4: Media literacy 2
  • Module 5: Puberty
  • Module 6: Bullying
  • Module 7: Emotional eating
  • Module 8: A module for fathers

All modules are stand alone. Choose your modules, pick an evening, and we will deliver your program.